money used to purchase any capital items for the business and expected to yield an income. Glossary of Business Terms
The creation of more money through the use of capital. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
This has a special regulatory meaning under the Financial Services Act 1986. Only those products defined as " investments" are caught in the scope of the Act. Investments are shareholdings and other investments in companies. They may be shown either as part of fixed assets or current assets in the balance sheet of the investing company, depending on whether the investment is long term or not. Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein financial glossary

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investment in‧vest‧ment \I've changed this entry a lot. Needs checking. [ɪnˈvestmənt] noun FINANCE
1. [countable, uncountable] when money is put into a business in order to make it more successful and profitable, or the money that is put into a business:

• tax cuts aimed at stimulating investment

• More investment is also needed to develop the food-processing industry in rural areas.

investment in

• The Postal Service has made an extremely large investment in automated technology.

• Investment in manufacturing has fallen by 18.8 percent in the past year.

• Mr Olsen founded the company with a $70,000 investment in 1957.

word focus - investment
Return on investment ( ROI) or return on capital ( ROC) is the amount of profit received on an investment in relation to the amount of money invested. If someone disinvests from an activity or area of business, they stop investing in it. If someone divests, they reduce the number of their investments by selling them. If someone diversifies, they put money into several different types of investment instead of only one or two.
2. [countable] something you buy, such as shares, bonds, or property, in order to make a profit:

• Bondholders favor lower interest rates because they increase the worth of their investments.

• We plan to buy some property as an investment.

• The top rate of taxation on investment income (= income from investments ) reached 98 percent.

3. [countable] an amount of money that you invest:
investment of

• Some international funds demand a minimum initial investment of only $1,000 or even less.

• They want a good return on their investment.

4. [uncountable] when you buy shares, bonds, property etc in order to make a profit:

• They derived their wealth from investment in property.

alˌternative inˈvestment
1. [countable] FINANCE an investment in an unusual asset or place:

• the emergence of alternative investment sites such as Mexico, China and Eastern Europe

2. [countable] FINANCE an investment in a non-financial asset such as a work of art; = COLLECTIBLE
ˌcapital inˈvestment FINANCE
[countable, uncountable] investment in buildings, machinery, equipment etc needed to produce goods or services:

• The coal industry here is suffering from a lack of modern equipment and needs huge amounts of capital investment.

comˌmunity inˈvestment [uncountable]
investment for the general public rather than for financial gain, in things such as schools and roads
ˌcorporate inˈvestment
[uncountable] FINANCE COMMERCE investment by businesses, rather than by the government:

• The country's corporate investment in plant and equipment will increase by only 0.6% next year.

diˌrect inˈvestment
[uncountable] FINANCE COMMERCE investment by companies in business activities abroad, for example in their subsidiaries:

• Britain has attracted a large proportion of Japanese direct investment in the EU.

doˌmestic inˈvestment
[uncountable] FINANCE COMMERCE investment in your own country rather than abroad:

• Beijing's strategy is to expand economic development zones and improve the domestic investment climate.

ˈequity inˌvestment
[uncountable] FINANCE money invested in a business in the form of shares:

• Equity investment is riskier than investment in debt securities.

ˌethical inˈvestment
[countable, uncountable] FINANCE an investment in an activity that the investor considers is morally acceptable, or these investments considered together:

• Ethical investment funds typically avoid military manufacturers, oil companies and tobacco producers.

fiˌnancial inˈvestment
[countable, uncountable] FINANCE COMMERCE putting money into a business rather than another form of involvement in the business:

• A future partnership with the company won't necessarily involve an equity stake or financial investment.

ˌfixed-ˈincome inˌvestment
[countable] FINANCE an investment that pays regular interest, for example bonds:

• Government bond markets are likely to remain the fixed-income investment of choice.

ˌfixed inˈvestment
[uncountable] FINANCE when money is put into business assets:

• Fixed investment by both manufacturers and non-manufacturers continues to be strong.

ˌforeign inˈvestment
[uncountable] FINANCE investment in a country other than your own:

• Civil war was inhibiting foreign investment in the country.

ˌgovernment inˈvestment
[countable, uncountable] FINANCE investment by a government, for example in roads, schools etc:

• massive government investment in infrastructure, such as transportation

ˌgross inˈvestment
[uncountable] FINANCE ACCOUNTING the value of investment in buildings, machinery etc before taking away depreciation (= the fall in value of something over time):

• A part of gross investment is needed simply to replace assets used up in the course of production.

incuˈbation inˌvestment [countable, uncountable] FINANCE
investment in new companies which are failing to achieve their expected targets:

• The company received a $355,000 incubation investment during the first few months of opening.

instiˌtutional inˈvestment
[countable, uncountable] FINANCE BANKING investment by a financial institution, rather than by a business:

• The report on institutional investment shows the level of investment activity among pension funds, insurance companies and investment trusts.

ˌinward inˈvestment
[uncountable] FINANCE investment in an area, country etc from another area or country:

• Inward investment into Wales had been the success story of the Welsh economy throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

ˌlegal inˈvestment
[countable] FINANCE an investment that is considered correct for someone with legal responsibility for the money of others, for example under a trust:

• Investment-grade bonds qualify as legal investments.

ˌnet inˈvestment
[uncountable] FINANCE ACCOUNTING the value of investment in buildings, machinery, supplies etc after taking away amounts for depreciation (= the fall in value of something over time):

• If we subtract this replacement investment from gross investment, then we are left with net investment.

ˌoutward inˈvestment
[uncountable] FINANCE investment from one area, country etc into another:

• outward investment from the UK into other member states of the EU

ˌoverseas inˈvestment
[uncountable] FINANCE another name for foreign investment:

• By the end of 2004, China had a net volume of direct overseas investment of US$37 billion.

ˌpersonal inˈvestment
[countable, uncountable] FINANCE a financial investment by a person, rather than by a business or a financial institution, or these investments considered as a whole:

• Each board member should be required to make a substantial personal investment in the company's stock.

ˌprivate inˈvestment
[countable, uncountable] FINANCE COMMERCE investment by businesses and financial institutions rather than by a government:

• Higher government borrowing requirements could discourage private investment.

ˈproperty inˌvestment
[countable, uncountable] FINANCE PROPERTY an investment in land, buildings etc or these investments considered as a whole:

• a big Japanese property investment company

ˌpublic inˈvestment
[countable, uncountable] FINANCE another name for government investment:

• New public investment could be financed partly by selective taxes, partly by government borrowing.

ˈreal estate inˌvestment
[countable, uncountable] FINANCE PROPERTY an American name for property investment
ˌspeculative ˈinvestment
[countable, uncountable] FINANCE an investment with a high degree of risk, or these investments considered as a whole:

• Speculative investment in property has encouraged doubtful lending practices by banks.

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investment UK US /ɪnˈvestmənt/ noun FINANCE
[C or U] the act of putting money into a business to buy new stock, machines, etc., or a sum of money that is invested in a business in this way: investment in sth »

The company has increased its investment in research.


They plan to maintain their current level of investment.


We've made a significant investment in IT.

[U] the act of buying shares, bonds, property, etc. in order to make a profit: investment in sth »

Investment in China has increased considerably.


attract/encourage investment


long-term/short-term investment


domestic/foreign/overseas investment


private/public investment


The fund manager makes all investment decisions.


We're always looking for investment opportunities.

[C] something such as shares, bonds, or property that you buy in order to make a profit: »

good/bad/risky investment


The fund was billed as an especially safe investment option.

[C] an amount of money that you invest in something: an investment of sth »

The plan requires an estimated investment of €80 to €120 million.


A business tries to get the best return on its investment.


He made an initial investment of $2,000.


the maximum/minimum investment

See also ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑alternative investment), ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT MARKET(Cf. ↑Alternative Investment Market), AUTHORIZED INVESTMENT FUND(Cf. ↑authorized investment fund), AUTONOMOUS INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑autonomous investment), CAPITAL INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑capital investment), COMMUNITY INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑community investment), CORPORATE INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑corporate investment), DIRECT INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑direct investment), DOMESTIC INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑domestic investment), EQUITY INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑equity investment), ETHICAL INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑ethical investment), FINANCIAL INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑financial investment), FIXED INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑fixed investment), FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑foreign direct investment), FOREIGN INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑foreign investment), GOVERNMENT INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑government investment), GROSS INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑gross investment), INWARD INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑inward investment), NET INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑net investment), NON-INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑non-investment), OUTWARD INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑outward investment), OVER-INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑over-investment), OVERSEAS INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑overseas investment), PERSONAL INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑personal investment), PRIVATE INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑private investment), PROPERTY INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑property investment), PUBLIC INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑public investment), REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑real estate investment), REAL INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑real investment), RETAIL INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑retail investment), RETURN ON INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑return on investment), SPECULATIVE INVESTMENT(Cf. ↑speculative investment)

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